If we really get in the exact moment, If we really just try to remember that the only reality is love, then we can stop worrying about the results and just do what we do...
— Martha Hamilton Snyder

You are ...

Entering a new space in your life.

Eloping, celebrating a move or an anniversary, pregnant or giving birth, finally having everyone together in the same place for a meal, madly in love, or walking into a new era of you.

And you just know it needs to be witnessed.

You're swept away by the significance of it all.

Inspired by the beauty of life.

Are ready to slow down - even if just for a moment.

Aren't afraid to let the right person see the real you - and the way you love.

Whether that's laughter or tears, or kisses, or quiet moments in the kitchen.

Want to be remembered for the things that make you - you.

You aren't afraid to dance in the rain or go adventure somewhere you've never been.

You are driven by truth, curious at the outcomes, and are ready to let that shine.

You know the value of legacy.


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