Story is bigger and wilder and more faceted than anyone could’ve imagined. It’s disruptive and raucous, heartbreaking and tender. It offends us and outrages us, enlightens us and guides us.

The process ...

Is exploratory and singular to everyone we meet.

Is a visual narrative of your personal legacy.

Requires face to face meetings to get to know each other, Either in person, or via Skype/facetime.

Depends fully on your willingness to be open with your story.

Sometimes that story is best told in still photographs, sometimes in moving photographs.

Both are essential.

You will be guided through selecting location, what to wear, and how best to prepare for your session.

Our time together will be memorable.  Whatever happens will be beautiful.  And we'll stay til it's done.

We create a collection of digital and physical products to include prints, albums and encaustic art.

The final images are viewable and shareable online, and the finished product is delivered as a tangible gift - straight to your door.


If you'd like to start a conversation about your story - I'd love to hear from you.


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